I have to admit

I have to admit I would like to make this site private, but I have to start somewhere and start being open about my goals if I fear and do not have confident in sharing them with my family how will I ever share them with the public. So this post and future posts from here on out will be left public and open to the world.

Incentives; Recognition in movements

I believe this is a good start for the first post to my site and is strong progress in the right direction.

Random Thought: Together we can work to make the world better for all in both micro and macro level types.

Too many people in the world are not involved with their government and politics on a normal day basis. They feel they can just use the a float on mentality and assume that we will be strong and movements will fall in the right place. How ever this assumption is completely wrong and there needs to be some type of incentive either economical, presidential award certificates to help with schooling placement, jobs, and technology unlocks such as free membership to cool e-Maganizes, premium subscriptions such as youtube, free internet, office space for startsups and more for being involved in the political as well as the business and job creation front. This is not the only way but just one of the ways to entice users and help the majority get involved right away. We would remain hopeful that this would be all we need. Though there maybe those who slack. We would remain hopeful that this was not the case. substantial benefit would and backup plan would be strong marketing efforts.

Other ideas – Larger incentives during election years – get involved early in an election not for one party but globally for presidential recognition via blog post for people who are taking action and fixed prizes for contests including logo, writing and marketing campaign solutions. Think tank and company recognition and or prizes will be given at random. To be eligible for the prizes and recognition an application will have to fill out an application online to be processed by hand. The contest category is a separate section/tab on the website.  The “Presidential Recognition” has a image below it[ a president outside his chopper in green grass; standing over/giving a young girl her reward/certificate] Then a short excerpt of text explaining the reward receiver and story(blog writer). The “Presidential Recognition” feature resides on the sidebar on certain & select pages.  Different entity types will be hand selected in the following entity categories; Best run business, Role Models, Most potential and growth in Children(very few receive this reward[1 at the start of a presidents term; other intervals undecided), People, NPOs(non profit organizations) NPO individuals(ex: cleaning oil spills, habitat for humanity), as well as neat and exciting recognition such as the artist that leaves glass floats on beaches in Oregon to encourage users to be out and go beach combing as well as important church groups and churches as individuals and churches. Other extreme categories include science, donations as marketing material i.e. logos, children’s bikes, tricked out cars and 100 random will be selected as well for their movements as well as a very special handwritten award signed by the president. A handful of people will also obtain solid job references.

First thought :We need movements to inspire people to pick the presidential recognition category rather than the contest category as the contest category – on second thought: No we do not as only one winner will be chosen per category however the results, input and action we receive will be invaluable.

side thought : people & companies for donations(money and work),

These incentives

Recognition in movements
Prizes for content(marketing logos, donating cars, bikes, food)
Awards and Certifates, instant school referral, some instant acceptance and guaranteed job placement.

A combination of Recognition and prizes for both companies people on the same post. For instance Company A donated graphics, website and they had an employee as a star that went above and beyond to make sure the material was delivered on time and worked after hours on the campaign. She received $2,500 supplement bonus, a certificate, “unified education” tab subscription

“Education” tab
“Unified” – Government supplied – The Foundation(programming, video editing and program basics).
“Other sources” – Other great sources for further learning
“Structured” – This category is for after unified – very demanding, motivated and independent like minded people go here; basically college for after you obtain reading, writing and math and have taken a test to prove you can work a full schedule of 12 hours a day or more, a 4 year bootcamp if you will.
“Private” – short term bootcamps and other cool sites like pixel2life, tutsplus

Around the world(India’s education system[students portfolios, a day in the life].
Design USA [Category – web{2advanced.com}, architecture{famous}]
Green [green movements – Entirely green companies, solutions->products[anderson cooper and chris hansen interview for these amazing companies walking on the green grass – a feature a tree that obtains its water in a decomposable drip system under ground, as well as solar power rotation so the tree grows perfectly on all sides; can be used for big trees like sequoias in national parks – the company will be a letnaturebe(national park movement partner) too often trees planted in national parks blow down because of storms and other disasters. This system would include a canvas that wraps the tree to prevent mud slides in the effect of a volcanic eruption. The surrounding soil would still benefit from the death and regrowth caused by the eruption and but the trees would remain and could be harvested for lumber. They would be housed in their own soil so when taken out they could be transplanted as well and the surrounding soil could that has the positive effects of a volcanic eruption(ex mt saint helens)  could fill in in this trees place. No studies need to be done other than manufacturing and engineering.
Automotive(ingenuinity – amazing progress in designs[ also on “this world(Business of the year)” with chris hansen, anderson cooper or chosen other journalists for the tv series].